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throne, in the city of Vijayanagara in the year Sarvari corres-
ponding to §ata 1401.* Ylra Narasingaraya governed the
kingdom Tvith great justice, assisted by his brothers. He sent
messengers to the rulers of all tie dependencies to demand
the tribute ^iiich they had been paying during the time of his
lather. Narasinga Maharaja. The kings of Dravida, Cola, and
Pandva countries acquired the goodwill of Vira Narasingaraya
bv paying the (tribute) money to his messengers. The
rtalaiyvgfir* of Ummattur and Talakkad who ruled over Karnata
und Konkanaf refused to send any tribute. Vlra Narasinga
became indignant, and (in order to punish them), he collected
a large iorce, and leaving his brother, Krsnaraya, in charge of
(the capital) Vijayanagara. he marched .towards Urnrnattur).
ueeonipanied by Acyutaraya, Sriraiigaraya, and several other
princes. Having pitched his tents near Ummattur, he sent (the
t'ollo-wr g message) to the palaiijagar : "If you send us away
by paying the tribute which you had been paying to us
formerly, we shall leave the place confirming your right to rule
it. Otherwise, we will capture your forts, and appoint our
own officers to hold them."

Then. Tyaparaja (Devappa Raja, the chief of Ummattur,
sent the following reply : " TVe have been ruling this country
from time immemorial. Our ancestors, as well as the Konkani-
varma kings, ruled this country for a long- time. Neither of
them paid tribute to any other king. Narasingaraya, your
father, having conquered us by force of arms, exacted tribute
from us. if you consider the legal aspect of the question, we
are under no obligation to pay you tribute. Therefore, we

not send you any tribute."

On receiving this reply, Vira Narasingaraya was enraged ;
he said: "These palaiyagars had been paying tribute to
Harihararaya and others who ruled our kingdom before us.
Sow, what reason have they to refuse payment to us?" Then.
he kid siege to the fort of Ummattur, and invested it for three

•The date is wrong.
f Bv Kokana, Ko.lgo is to b« uadarstood in tU» context,